Angelo Mathews Becomes First Cricketer ‘Timed Out’ in International Cricket History

Angelo Mathews timed out

In a rather peculiar turn of events, Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews etched his name in the annals of cricket history by becoming the first player to be declared ‘timed out’ in international cricket. This unprecedented incident unfolded during the Bangladesh-Sri Lanka ODI World Cup match at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi.

The curious episode took place in the 25th over of the innings, immediately following the dismissal of Lankan batter Sadeera Samarawickrama. Angelo Mathews was slated to be the next man in, yet he encountered a unique issue with the strap of his helmet, leading to a delayed response in assuming his batting position.

Faced with the helmet dilemma, the former Sri Lankan captain took over three minutes to rectify the situation and be prepared to face the upcoming delivery. It was during this unanticipated delay that Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan seized the moment and lodged an appeal, a move subsequently validated by the on-field umpire.

The ruling, based on MCC law 40.1 concerning ‘Timed Out,’ stipulates that a batter must be ready to receive the next ball within three minutes of a player’s dismissal or retirement. Angelo Mathews, despite the substitute’s attempt to provide him with the correct helmet, was ultimately declared out.

In the aftermath of this extraordinary turn of events, Angelo Mathews engaged in an animated discussion with the umpire and sought to convey his side of the story to Shakib Al Hasan. Nevertheless, his efforts proved in vain, resulting in the historic ‘timed out’ dismissal, an incident that will surely resonate in the memory of cricket enthusiasts worldwide.