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Do you possess a fervent interest in cricket and possess a profound comprehension of the sport? Do you harbor aspirations of becoming a writer or pursuing sports journalism? Our platform provides the possibility to access a vast audience of readers worldwide.

CricTracker, a growing cricket platform, seeks skilled and fresh Content writers, Guest Authors, and Freelance writers to provide the audience with well-researched, high-quality content in diverse categories.

What do we publish?

CricTracker shares various kinds of content, including News articles, Trending stories, Match Reports, Feature articles, Interviews, Analysis, Match predication, Cricket fantasy guide, Statistical pieces, Listicles, and other related materials.

Guidelines for content writing?

A minimum of 350 words should be included in the material (for news and trending articles).If it’s a news article, try to keep the word count around 500; if there is a lot of substance, trim out the less crucial portions and just describe it in your own tongue.

It’s vital to continue the description through the first few paragraphs and keep it consistent all the way to the finish. Your content, not quotes, should take centre stage in the piece.Use the opening paragraph as a lead; present a portion of the information and go into detail about it. Making ensuring a reader reads the entire piece is crucial. Additionally, be careful that it is not overly ambiguous since this might decrease interest.

B. All articles’ paragraph lengths should be 4-5 lines long, with no variation throughout; anything less or more disrupts the reader’s flow.If it is a news article, the first two paragraphs should be your description without any “quotes”. The quotes can be described there, but you shouldn’t use them verbatim.Identify the quotes’ source if it came from another portal. Mention that in the event of a pre- or post-match news conference.

C. Avoid reusing sentences or paragraphs from articles on the same subject that have already been written. Instead, utilise a different structure to communicate the same ideas. It’s offensive to treat the topic that way.

D. All articles should contain subheadings.

E. Check the article once more and copy edit it before submitting it for evaluation.

F. When writing lengthy pieces, attempt to create an outline before you begin. Work your way up to the primary topic, then paint a picture. From the perspective of a storyteller, you need to pique readers’ interest by making them curious about what is happening right now and then satisfying them at the conclusion.

To make a statement stand out and be delivered with authority, support it with statistics and facts.

How to Apply?

To initiate the process of becoming a CrickFanatics Author, kindly send us an email at contact@crickfanatics.com. Please ensure that the email contains an authentic topic that exemplifies your writing skills and highlights your knowledge of the sport.