A Comprehensive List of ICC Tournaments Lost by the Indian Cricket Team

Welcome to our comprehensive guide listing the various ICC tournaments in which the Indian cricket team has faced defeat since 2014. In this article, we will delve into the details of each tournament, highlighting key matches, notable performances, and the overall journey of the Indian team. Join us as we explore the highs and lows of Indian cricket on the global stage.

ICC World Twenty20 2014

The journey of the Indian cricket team in the ICC World Twenty20 2014 began with high hopes and expectations. The tournament, held in Bangladesh, witnessed some intense battles between cricketing powerhouses. Despite showcasing commendable performances, the Indian team unfortunately fell short in the final hurdle. In the final match against Sri Lanka, India suffered a six-wicket defeat. This loss, however, should not overshadow the remarkable efforts put forth by the team throughout the tournament.

Key Matches

Group Stage, Match 3PakistanWon
Group Stage, Match 9West IndiesWon
Semi-FinalSouth AfricaWon
FinalSri LankaLost

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 was a highly anticipated event for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The tournament, held in Australia and New Zealand, witnessed a spirited Indian team, which showcased exceptional skills and determination. However, the journey ended in the semi-finals when India faced defeat against Australia. Let’s take a closer look at India’s performance in this prestigious tournament.

Key Matches

Group Stage, Match 4PakistanWon
Group Stage, Match 28South AfricaWon

ICC World Twenty20 2016

The ICC World Twenty20 2016 was another opportunity for the Indian cricket team to secure the coveted title. As the host nation, India had the added advantage of home support. The team showcased a brilliant performance throughout the tournament, but unfortunately, couldn’t clinch the title. In the semi-finals, India faced West Indies and suffered defeat by seven wickets in a closely contested match.

Key Matches

Super 10, Match 2New ZealandWon
Super 10, Match 13PakistanWon
Super 10, Match 18AustraliaWon
Semi-FinalWest IndiesLost

ICC Champions Trophy 2017

The ICC Champions Trophy 2017 witnessed some fierce competition among the top cricketing nations. The Indian cricket team, led by Virat Kohli, embarked on their journey with immense confidence. After showcasing exceptional performances in the group stage and defeating Bangladesh in the semi-finals, India faced Pakistan in the final. Unfortunately, Pakistan emerged victorious with a remarkable display of skill and strategy.

Key Matches

Group Stage, Match 4PakistanLost
Group Stage, Match 11South AfricaWon

ICC World Test Championship

Final 2021New ZealandLost
Final 2023Australia Lost

As we conclude our comprehensive list, we have explored the various ICC tournaments where the Indian cricket team faced defeat since 2014. While these tournaments brought moments of disappointment, it is crucial to acknowledge the incredible efforts put forth by the team in each event. The Indian cricket team remains a force to be reckoned with, and their journey continues with renewed vigor and determination.

Remember, the Indian cricket team’s journey is defined not only by the outcome but also by the invaluable experiences gained along the way. As fans, we stand united, supporting our team through every victory and loss, and eagerly anticipating their future triumphs on the global cricketing stage.

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