9 Different types of Ducks in Cricket

In cricket, there are Nine Different types of Ducks.

Experiencing a dismissal on the initial delivery of an innings is considered to be a highly demoralizing encounter in the sport of cricket. It can be inferred that throughout history, batsmen have likely hoped to avoid being dismissed on the initial delivery of their innings. Inevitability is a factor that cannot be avoided at times. Although being dismissed for a duck is unfavorable, it is noteworthy that there exist nine distinct categories of ducks in the sport of cricket.

The term used to describe a dismissal on zero in cricket is “duck”. This is owing to the resemblance between the numeral “0” and a duck’s egg.

The origin of the term ‘Duck‘ in cricket is known to be connected back to the era of manual scoreboards. The numeral 0 on such scoreboards, as seen at Adelaide Oval, resembled a duck egg with a pointed top and wider bottom. Therefore, in response to inquiries regarding the performance of a particular individual during their inning, you would state that they obtained “a duck.”

What Are the Different types of ducks in Cricket?

This article will provide an overview of the various types of ducks observed in cricket, commencing with the most notorious one.

1. Golden Duck

The Golden Duck refers to the dismissal of a batsman on the initial delivery of their innings. The duck in question is widely recognized as one of the most notorious occurrences in cricket, with numerous batsmen having had the misfortune of encountering it directly.

2. Silver Duck

The Silver Duck refers to the dismissal of a batsman who is out on the second ball faced, resulting in a score of zero runs and a return to the pavilion. The term is not widely used in the sport.

3. Bronze Duck

The Bronze Duck refers to the dismissal of a batsman on the third ball of their innings without scoring any runs. Based on the premise that the Golden or Silver Duck is not good, it can be inferred that the Bronze Duck would be even more unfavorable.

4. Diamond Duck

The Diamond Duck is a distinctive breed of duck in the realm of sports, and it is plausible that it is the most inferior of them all. The term pertains to instances wherein a batsman is run out, timed out, or obstructs the field without having faced a delivery. The act of avoiding a legal delivery and exiting the game is commonly referred to as a Diamond Duck.

5. Royal Duck

The Ashes, one of the most significant Test series in cricket history, is linked to the Royal Duck. The Royal Duck designation is assigned to the initial batters who are eliminated on their first delivery during the prominent competition between Australia and England.

6. Laughing Duck

A Laughing Duck in cricket refers to the dismissal of a batsman without scoring any runs, resulting in the end of the innings with the loss of his wicket. A Laughing Duck is the term used to describe a highly distinctive circumstance.

7. A Pair

The occurrence of a batsman being dismissed for zero runs in both innings of a cricket match is known as ‘A Pair’. This is a perplexing situation for ducks.

8. King Pair

The occurrence of a King Pair duck is a rare event wherein a player is dismissed on Golden Ducks in both innings of a single match.

9. Batting Hattrick

The Batting Hattrick is considered to be one of the rarest achievements in the sport. The Batting Hattrick is defined as a sequence of three consecutive dismissals in three balls during any consecutive Test innings.

The term ‘duck’ holds multiple meanings in cricket, all of which are disappointing. The occurrence of a duck in any form is universally regarded as a disappointment for both the batsman and their team, despite variations in frequency.

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