Pakistan’s Lost No. 1 ODI ranking within 48 hours

Pakistan has been ranked third in the ICC ODI rankings subsequent to their loss to New Zealand in the final match of the series.

Just 48 hours after capturing the top spot for the first time in history, Pakistan’s reign at the top of the ICC Men’s ODI Rankings came to an end. The top-ranked Asian team had expressed great jubilation upon reaching the summit of the rankings. However, their aspirations were dashed when they were unable to achieve a perfect victory against New Zealand in the final ODI contest hosted in Karachi on May 7th.

Pakistan’s top ranking aspirations were thwarted by New Zealand’s resolute efforts in the final match, despite Pakistan’s consistent performances throughout the series. The defeat resulted in Pakistan missing out on a significant accomplishment and dropping to third place in the rankings. The Pakistani team suffered a significant setback as they aimed to strengthen their position as the top ODI team globally. The ever-changing nature of cricket ensures that no position is secure, and the competition for the top spot remains intense among the top teams.

Despite their impressive performances throughout the series, New Zealand’s relentless efforts in the decisive match ended Pakistan’s aspirations of retaining their top spot. Pakistan was not only denied a historic victory by the defeat, but they also dropped to third place in the rankings. The Pakistani team was devastated since they had hoped to maintain their position as the best ODI team in the world. The dynamic nature of cricket, though, ensures that no position is guaranteed, and the battle for first place among the best teams continues to be fiercely contested.

Pakistan surpassed both India and Australia to take the top spot in one-day international cricket after their decisive 102-run victory over New Zealand.As a result of New Zealand’s consolation victory in the series finale, Pakistan’s reign at the top of the ICC Men’s ODI Rankings was short-lived. Pakistan’s dreams of sweeping the series were shattered by the 47-run loss, which also saw them fall to third place in the standings. India is currently ranked second with 113 points, closely behind Australia who is currently in first place. With 112 points, Pakistan is now ranked third, escalating the race for first place in the ODI World Cup year.

Although Pakistan easily won the series 4-1, skipper Babar acknowledged that they didn’t achieve what they had hoped for. Will Young, New Zealand’s opening batter, ignited the attack with a scorching 91-run effort, but the entire batting lineup made a huge impact. Despite Shaheen Afridi’s three-wicket haul, Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan’s early dismissals caused Pakistan’s batting to stumble. Despite their brave attempts, Agha Salman and Iftikhar Ahmed’s pursuit by Pakistan was unsuccessful. An important milestone for the team was reached when New Zealand celebrated their first victory in the ODI series.

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