Saudi Arabia aims to establish the ‘world’s richest T20 league,’ and has approached IPL owners: Report.

Could a Saudi Premier League outbid the Indian Premier League? Could it steal the spotlight and stars from the IPL? According to reports, Saudi Arabia is already in talks with the BCCI.

The Saudi government is apparently considering to establish its own IPL-style T20 tournament in order to compete with the BCCI.

According to an Australian media source, Saudi government officials have already taken the first step by meeting with IPL club owners.

“Our goal is to create a sustainable industry for locals and expats living in the Kingdom, and to make Saudi Arabia a global cricketing destination,” Saudi Arabia’s Cricket Federation chairman, Prince Saud bin Mishal Al-Saud, was reported by Arab News last month.

The meeting’s specifics have yet to be revealed. According to the source, there is a chance that Indian players would be allowed to compete in the forthcoming league. However, the BCCI’s rules prohibit Indian players from competing in any T20 league other than the IPL. To play in any other league, a player must be fully cut off from the BCCI.

In terms of investment, the owners of IPL teams also hold franchises in other leagues. Notably, the franchises in Cricket South Africa’s SA20 are entirely owned by people who own a club in the IPL, indicating that the Indian cricketing body’s rules do not prohibit teams from investing in other leagues.

As a result, it is vital to mention that Saudi Arabia would require the BCCI’s support to allow players to participate; otherwise, it would not be as popular as the IPL in India.

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